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In the introduction lesson you will receive an introduction to the course and a brief overview of the lessons that will be taught. These guidelines will inform you of how the lesson will be structured, inform you of how we will communicate, and set you up for success in the course. Students will learn the basics of website design. At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to create a functional website, connect a personalized domain, and perform search engine optimization.


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Week 1

Lesson 0: Introduction and Setting Up An Account

Lesson 1: Learning The Menu's

Lesson 2: Designing Your Home Page 

Assignment: Add me as a contributor to your site and design your home page.

Week 2

Lesson 3: Designing Your About Page 

Lesson 4: Designing Service Page 

Lesson 5: Designing Your Contact Page

Assignment: Design your About, Service, and Contact Page. 

Week 3

Lesson 6: Connecting Your Social Media Sites 

Lesson 7: Adding A Donation Button 

Lesson 8: Setting Up Events 

Assignment: Connect your social media accounts and add a donation button. 

Week 4

Lesson 9: Connecting Your Domain

Lesson 10: SEO Optimization

Assignment: Complete SEO Optimization.

Bonus Lesson: 

Mobile Editor


All live meetings will take place at 7pm. 

Monday, June 1, 2020

Tuesday, June 9 , 2020

Tuesday, June 16 , 2020

Tuesday, June 23 , 2020

Tuesday, June 30 , 2020

Tuesday, July 7 , 2020

Live Session on 6/1/2020

Live Session on 6/9/2020

Live Session on 6/16/2020


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Live Session on 6/23/2020


Watch the video below to learn how to sign up for an account. 

Watch the video below to learn how to access the course materials. 



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